Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Never judge a book by its cover...

One thing that i have always suffered with is terrible skin..its greasy, dry and prone to the odd breakout and so far haven't  found a product to help me battle this :( recommendations? Iv heard Liz Earle products are good but dont really wanna spend that money without knowing its going to work :/ decisions....



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  2. Hey flower, I used to have really bad combination skin that could be super oily where I would breakout one day and then really dry and flakey the next. I started drinking more water and changed the makeup that I used, I used to smother on MAC's studio fix fluid to try and give me loads of coverage to hide my crappy skin but I worked out this was one of the reasons my skin was so bad!! Now I use vitalumiere aqua by chanel, which is expensive around £30 but worth it! or you could try a tinted moisturiser and build up the coverage with any drugstore mineral powder. From just changing my make up my skin got so much better and I only go back to heavy coverage stuff once in a while if I'm on a night out. I've never used Liz Earle, but will have a look out for some products and review them for you if I see any must haves!

    WOAH sorry for the essay! just trying to help haha, x x x

  3. Hey babe, ahh thankyou so much! Im def gunna give this a go..also just read your blog on the Urban Decay Naked palette so def gunna whack it on my to buy list! Thanks babe :) xxxx

  4. ah the UD palette is amazing, but they've just brought out the Naked Palette 2!! Which believe it or not, looks eeeeeeven better xxx
    P.s. Just looked and you're from Reigate?! I grew up round there haha the one near Redhill, Horley and stuff how weird xxx

  5. Ahh really?! Might have to drop a few subtle hints to the boyf then :P yeah..that one lol really?! whereabouts..smal world lol xxxx

  6. Reigate Hill :-) Random! definitely drop the hints!! and for the new Chanel foundation coming out tomorrow!!! catch you soon chickaaa xx

  7. I used to have this same issue, I 100% prefer a bar cleanser over any pump because they seem to be more effective. I use Clinique facial soap (again, bar not foaming pump!) for combination skin and instead of using cover-up, find a moisturizer you love (I like olay regenerist) and add a drop of your favorite cover-up in it to make your own tinted moisturizer.

    Love from DC,

  8. True that! :)
    X C

  9. I don't know if you have heard about Cetaphil. They are amazing. My skin used to be horrible. I had redness on my face but now since using Cetaphil my skin has improved. Try that. It helped me so it might help you too. Shall we follow each other?

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