Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lindsey Kelk

If you haven't heard of the I Heart books by Lindsey Kelk you are seriously missing out. These are the proper girlie books that, i personally suggest you start reading when you have a little free time, because, trust me..when you start reading these your not gonna wanna stop.

Below il give you a quick summery of each book.

I Heart New York

Main Character Angela Clarke discovers her boyfriend is cheating and flees to New York with only her Passport and Louboutins. Its in her chosen hotel she discovers what the big apple has to offer and her new BFF Jenny Lopez. She lives the life shes always wanted and best of all her job in the city that never sleeps is BLOGGING!

I Heart Hollywood

This fantastic book starts with Angela Clarke having the perfect Job in a very famous magazine and a gorgeous boyfriend. Its on one assignment in Hollywood where Angela discovers living the high life is not all its made out to be.  She finds herself in a compromising position and has to convince her boss and boyfriend that things aren't what they seem. Does her dream life end here?

I Heart Paris

When Angela Clarke is asked to go to the city of love with her rockstar could she say no?! But when she spots the rockstar himself with his Ex-love..she should she jump on the train to her old London?

I Heart Vegas

I'm currently half way through this book but if you've read and liked the others, believe me your going to love this!!

I Heart London

Coming in June 2012


Maybe its Maybelline...

Just a little post to say how much i LOVE  Maybelline Gel Eyeliner. Now I'm the kind of girl that struggles to get a nice neat line..normally its just a wiggly mess but this is amazing! Now i know i always have a disaster with my eyeliner smudging but this is waterproof and lasts up too 24 hours! AMAZING! Its so easy to apply and the blackest of black. I got mine from tescos for £4.99 so a bargain as well! Go get it girls


Curly Wurly Lush Shampoo

After receiving a handful of samples from Lush i decided to pamper myself and try one out last night. Even though i don't have curly hair (would call it wavy) i decided to try the Curly Wurly shampoo seeing as it was there. 

The first thing i noticed about this was the smell, a very heavy coconut smell which i personally LOVE!! The texture reminded me somewhat of porridge which i wasn't too keen on, it also had small pieces of coconut in which i was a bit worried about...who wants to walk round with lumps of coconut in there hair?! 

Now, iv neglected my hair recently. I used to have the ever so popular Frankie Sandford pixie crop but have been trying to grow it out, so my typical hair style is a top knot. Its very dry and just dull. After using the shampoo my hair has a lot more life to it, bouncy, shiny and smells great. Big thumbs up from me.

Would love to know what someone with curly hair thought?!

P.S Sorry for lack of pictures, don't have a camera and my blackberry camera isn't very good :/


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Never judge a book by its cover...

One thing that i have always suffered with is terrible skin..its greasy, dry and prone to the odd breakout and so far haven't  found a product to help me battle this :( recommendations? Iv heard Liz Earle products are good but dont really wanna spend that money without knowing its going to work :/ decisions....

Is being healthy really a chore?!

Now, i wouldn't go as far to say im fat, but i could be better. We all have our off days, i know, but i just wanna be a little healthier. Why do i find healthy eating so hard?! Probably because bad food tastes SO bloody good!! I can go through phases, be really keen to eat healthy but it loses its appeal after a few days. Doesn't help that my boyfriend and i are so damn lazy! Give me a takeaway over cooking anyday! But today...iv decided that its something im gunna crack on with, to feel better about myself. If anyone has any tips on how to make healthy eating/getting fit, fun and more enjoyable..please PLEASE let me know!! xx

1st blog :)

So, this is my first blog. Its quite hard deciding to what to write, i've spent quite a few hours reading everyones blogs and looking at products that have been reviewed which has led me to this purchase. 

I suffer from very dry, flaky lips throughout the year, not just winter. Iv decided to buy the bubblegum lip scrub from lush so when it arrives ill let you guys know how i get on. :)