Monday, 6 February 2012

OLLY OLLY OLLY......oioi ;)

So Saturday 4th of February was very exciting for me and my bestie. She is obsessed with Mr Olly Murs (so much so she cried on the Xfactor tour! ) and luckily for me, i got the spare ticket!

What an amazing night. We travelled there by car so left about 3.30pm to get there in time for a bit of grub. We arrived about 4.15pm and my god isn't it big! Iv never been to the O2 before. We went for dinner and cocktails in Armadillos cafe and grill! Its amazing! If your there its definatly  1 to try out! Its everything Mexican and we will leave you with and full tummy and a smile on your face! After filling our faces we made our way to find our seats and so it begins.

1st warm act and definatly the best out the 2 was Lilygreen and Maguire.
Recently signed to Warner Brothers Records, these 2 cheeky chappies remind me a little bit of a more modern Mcfly. They played a few of there own songs which i found myself singing along too followed by a nice little acoustic medley of several well known songs which had the crowd on there feet.

2nd warm act were the Lonsdale Boys Club
I personally wasn't too keen on these, too me it just sounded like a messy noise (maybe my old age) so i used this time to get a drink before the big rush.

My word, isn't he a sexy man! For the next 90 minutes we got to listen to his beautiful voice whilst he sang songs from both his albums and few covers! He danced and gyrated around the stage and worked the crowd up into a whooping mess. And the best surprise of the night was for the last few minutes he was joined on stage by Rizzle Kicks

Overall it was the perfect night out and definatly recommend if you get the chance to see Mr should honestly go!!