Thursday, 19 January 2012

Curly Wurly Lush Shampoo

After receiving a handful of samples from Lush i decided to pamper myself and try one out last night. Even though i don't have curly hair (would call it wavy) i decided to try the Curly Wurly shampoo seeing as it was there. 

The first thing i noticed about this was the smell, a very heavy coconut smell which i personally LOVE!! The texture reminded me somewhat of porridge which i wasn't too keen on, it also had small pieces of coconut in which i was a bit worried about...who wants to walk round with lumps of coconut in there hair?! 

Now, iv neglected my hair recently. I used to have the ever so popular Frankie Sandford pixie crop but have been trying to grow it out, so my typical hair style is a top knot. Its very dry and just dull. After using the shampoo my hair has a lot more life to it, bouncy, shiny and smells great. Big thumbs up from me.

Would love to know what someone with curly hair thought?!

P.S Sorry for lack of pictures, don't have a camera and my blackberry camera isn't very good :/



  1. I have curly hair but never tried Lush products, I might to give it a whirl!


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